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Online advertising has surpassed print advertising as the best method of introducing others to your product or service. Where people used to open a phone book they now turn to online searches to find what they're looking for. We get found in those online searches where people are looking to hire a professional pooper scooper, but that's not the only benefit of advertising on Pooperoni.

Most small businesses have a website and advertising on Pooperoni you get a link to your site that lends to its credibility on the web and influences your own sites search engine rankings.

Q: Why pay when there is a free option? A: Our visitors represent a fine stream of individuals that are looking for something very specific. For a fraction of the cost of print advertising you can position your ad in front of that stream of people.

With our unique search location feature visitors search primarily by entering their location. The first results shown to them will include the ten results closest to their location. Professional and Premium Ads are pushed to the top of the results, displayed first, and presented with images, boxes, and other features that distinguish them from free ads.