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Nature's Call Pet Waste


Nature's Call is the Premier Pet Waste Scooping Service for the Savannah and Fort Stewart areas. Our service, eliminates the worry & hassle of that unpleasant chore. Let us scoop up after your dog to make your lawn a fun, clean, and safe place to relax and play. Weekly service from Nature's Call is affordable, convenient and healthy. Our friendly staff is professional and committed to making your life more enjoyable. We are locally owned and serve, all of Liberty, Bryan, and Chatham counties, and parts of Effingham county. We are fully INSURED and always carefully disinfect our tools & shoes after every visit to eliminate the possibility of spreading parasites or diseases. Waste is scooped, bagged, and removed from your property. We can also deodorize lawns, decks, patios, dog runs, and kennels.

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Nature's Call Pet Waste
60 summer hill way
Richmond HIll, Georgia