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May 11, 2020 - A small number of dogs and cats have reportedly been infected with Covid-19 after close contact with infected persons as reported by the CDC.

What precautions can you take to keep pets safe?

· Keep your pets away from other pets and people who are not part of your household.
· Keep cats indoors if possible, to minimize their exposure to people and other animals.
· Walk dogs on a 6' leash, do not let other people pet your dog.
· Avoid dog parks and places where large numbers of dogs and people gather.

Keep up with the CDC's latest recommendations on their website here.

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Since its inception in 2007 Pooperoni has been the most popular pooper scooper service directory and search engine nationwide, helping to connect dog owners with dog poop removal service in every part of the country. Born from the needs of busy professionals with little free time to spare, this once small niche industry has grown up and now commercial dog poop removal can be found in most major cities and metro areas in the US and even many smaller cities. 

Environmental concerns as well as health and safety concerns have prompted certain cities to adopt and enforce pooper scooper ordinances requiring homeowners to keep their yards free of dog poop and walkers to bag and dispose of their dog’s poop on a walk. Abdicating dog poop cleanup presents a real problem to the environment, a more serious problem than the unpleasant and smelly risk of one stepping in dog poop. 

Unfortunately, unlike cow or horse manure, the EPA considers dog poop an environmental hazzard that leaves behind nutrients and pathogens. Rain, snow, and sprinklers can cause leakage into water sources where contamination results. This makes dog poop removal a very important service.

More than ten years since Pooperoni launched, we expanded the directory to include other pet service businesses. We’re excited to now add cat litter box removal, dog walking by professional dog walkers, pet taxi, and pet sitting by professional pet sitters. We’re proud of the simple pet service search engine we have developed and hope that you will enjoy the search experience of finding pooper scooper service near you or any other pet service you are looking for. 

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What are people saying about Us?

We like letting someone else take care of scooping so we can maximize our limited free time with friends, family and our dogs. You will too!
Greg and Janet Sullivan, LA County
We live in Minnesota. In the Winter we don’t always want to follow the dogs outside to pick up their poop. Especially during a snow storm! Some of that poop eventually gets buried and it’s not until Spring that we see it again. Springtime and the April showers reveal a much more insidious sight than Spring flowers!

It was a long Winter and Spring melt when we first thought about hiring a pooper scooper. Luckily for us we had a few to choose from in Minneapolis, I won’t say who we use since this isn’t a review for them, but what a blessing it was to have someone else take care of the dog poop cleanup that Spring.

We now keep our pooper scooper guys on full time so that we don’t ever have to experience that Spring surprise again. We always tell our friends to just do it too. We love our pets and our yard. Now we all enjoy each other more and have more time to spend together.
Alan and Brianna, Minneapolis
I have used Pooperoni twice to find dog poop scoopers. It's a more common service on the East coast, but even after we moved to Denver we found a company to scoop for us here too, also from Pooperoni.
JT, Gianna, Sarge and Rita, Denver

How To Pick a Pet Service Provider

tips on how to pick a pet service provider, good vs bad

Owning a pet comes with a lot of responsibility. We humans have our own needs that need to be fulfilled, animals are pretty much the same. Any competent pet owner can understand the circumstances they would have to face in case something goes wrong. As awareness about the pet guidelines and the rights of animals circulate around the globe, we see how people are willing to invest in pet care services.

These services can be greatly beneficial for pet owners who are also committed to their work and find it hard to find someone who can take care of their animals while they're away, do the poop scooping, or provide pet taxi services. However, many people are still resistant to paying for these services, while the comfort of the animal could be bettered.

In US, the pet service industry is reaching new heights, and as it does there exists a chance of falling for a scam when it comes to finding the right service provider. Therefore, you should be aware of what to look for in a pet service and how to differentiate a good one from a bad one. Here are a few things you might keep in mind while looking for trustworthy pet services:

  • Reliability: The best caretakers for animals are pet lovers and you shouldn't trust any service that doesn't have or stand by its mantra of caring for animals. Reliability is very important and an indicator of whether you can trust the business you are dealing with. Therefore, the first thing you should look for in a pet service provider is whether they are reliable or not. When it comes to larger pet-care services, you can check out other people's online reviews and that can help you decide whether their services are a good fit for you and your pet or not.
  • Cleanliness: A major factor that bums out many pet owners is a lack of attention to cleanliness. For example, you wouldn't want to leave your precious pet in the hands of a sitter who doesn't provide for the right living circumstances and simply overlooks the cleanliness factor in their home or facility. You wouldn't want to hire a pooper scooper that didn't dispose of your dogs poop properly. Many pet services including pet sitters fail to keep up a sanitary and hygienic environment where the pets will stay. This can lead to many problems like infectious diseases and sickness for pets. Therefore, if you are hiring a pet sitter, make sure you check out the place first in order to avoid any mishaps or frustrations about cleanliness.
  • Insurance: Before hiring any pet sitter, pooper scooper or other pet service provider, make sure they are insured. This helps cover any unfortunate events that are beyond our control. As pet sitting service is quite popular among people today, it is important to recognize this is a profession. The best pet services will always be insured and that is a great way to identify the good service providers from the bad ones.
  • Communication: Professional pet sitters will make sure you are able to communicate about your animal even when you are far away. If you are looking for a pet sitter on long-term basis, you might want to find a sitter that can help you see your animal every now and then. The best service providers make sure you don’t miss out on special moments and are able to see them whenever you want.