Poo Patrol

Never worry again about having to clean up dog poop before using your yard. With our weekly schedule, we keep your yard looking great and usable. … Read more about Poo Patrol

Poop Squad

If you love your pets but hate to pick up after them, let the Poop Squad do it for you! We offer pet waste removal services in and around Louisville. Pet Waste Removal from The Poop Squad Life gets busy and the last thing you want is a backyard that becomes full of dog poop. It’s bad enough … Read more about Poop Squad

Chicago Dog Services, LLC

Dog Waste Removal Services / Pooper Scooper Services serving all of DuPage County, Parts of Will County and the Southwest Suburbs, Northwest Suburbs, Northwest Side of Chicago, Near West Side of Chicago & Parts of Lake County. *Local Family Owned and Operated Since 2018 *100% Satisfaction … Read more about Chicago Dog Services, LLC

Yard Guard LLC

Yard Guard LLC offers dog poop pick up services in Northern Kentucky. We are an owner operated business that truly cares and we strive to always provide our clients with industry leading customer service. Enjoy the freedom of stepping into a clean maintained backyard that is free from dog poop … Read more about Yard Guard LLC

Got Poop We Scoop

Rely on us for professional dog poop pick-up, yard deodorizing and cat litter box cleaning in Grand Junction, CO and surrounding areas. Your life is busy, and you might not always have the time or energy to pick-up after your pet. But pet waste is unsanitary and can make spending time in your yard … Read more about Got Poop We Scoop

Poodini Pet Waste Removal

Poodini Pet Waste Removal is your friendly, neighborhood pooper scooper service. We pride ourselves on being the most professional, knowledgeable, and reliable dog poop removal service in the industry. We offer weekly dog poop pick up, one-time poop scoops, sanitizing/deodorizing, disinfecting yard … Read more about Poodini Pet Waste Removal

The Poo People

We provide all-inclusive poop scooping services to single-family homes, multi-family residential communities, senior living facilities, animal shelters, veterinary offices and other pet-friendly businesses who require pet poop removal services. Our motto is “Got Poop?” Whether it’s dog poop or cat … Read more about The Poo People

Dr. Poolittle

"Dr. Poolittle Will Cure Your Dog Waste Headache" Serving in the Twin Cities area since 2005, our locally owned business serves clients all year long, even during the colder months. When you hire us, you get ultra-convenient, prompt dog cleanup services provided by our friendly team. We … Read more about Dr. Poolittle