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Wasilla, Alaska
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pooper scooper service


Valley Poop Patrol provides professional “pooper scooping” services to Residential, Commercial, Apartments/Condos, Home Owners Associations, parks and recreational areas…you name it. If there are dogs, there will be poop. Free up your valuable time by letting the professional pooper scoopers of Valley Poop Patrol clean up the mess. Valley Poop Patrol is a member of aPAWS, and we are licensed, insured and ready to scoop. Call today for more information about Valley Poop Patrol, the Valley’s Original scooper! 907-373-5520

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Not enough info
By Judy on January 25, 2022.

Looking for a pooper scooper but this place doesn't list prices online, website doesn't offer much info. I use the internet to shop, this website doesn't give enough info and I don't want to call. I want to SEE it not HEAR it.

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