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Denver, Colorado 80223
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pooper scooper service


Our Business Really Is Picking-Up!”* Serving the entire Denver-Metro area since 1994!
$20 Off 1st Month of Service – easy signup online!
* Residential yards and Commercial properties
* Weekly, Twice Weekly and 1-Time cleanup schedules
* 10% discount for senior, disabled and active military
* Sanitizing equipment between all yards
* Member APAWS
* Satisfaction GUARANTEED!
* Prices start at only $9.50 per cleanup

Plus, we are an Eco-Friendly pet waste removal company.

* Now partnering with to compost some of your dog’s waste.
* Email Invoices – Eco-Friendly Email Billing.
* Auto-Pay Options – Save Stamps, Time and Envelopes. Use Credit Card, Bank EFT (coming) and Debit Card. Make it easier for yourself. We’ll debit the payment automatically for you.

Not only does our service improve the appearance of your yard, but you’ll be helping the environment as well! Recent studies by the EPA have shown that pet waste is a significant contributor to bacterial contamination in our streams and rivers.

You will feel better knowing that your yard is clean and sanitary, as well as improving the environment at the same time.
So give us a call and let us DOO it for you!