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pooper scooper service


What is it that you do exactly? Well it’s a dirty job…. which is exactly why you should call us. We come to your house and clean up the “treats” your dog leaves all over the yard just for you! We have the tools and disinfectant to make your yard as good as new. We dispose of the waste and you don’t need to do a thing. Why would I need this service? Dog poop is gross and no one likes to clean it up. It is NOT fertilizer, it is the opposite, a yard killer. It is also packed full of bacteria and microorganisms that are unhealthy for both dogs and people. Since we will be removing the toxins you should notice a change in your grass. Not only will your shoes be cleaner your yard will thank you too. Will you let me know if my dog’s poop looks different? Yes, like people if a dog’s poop looks different in consistancy, or color, it may mean that the dog is sick. We will leave a card or discuss changes with you at the visit so that you may be able to get your dog checked out ASAP. What is the cost? The list below is a general range of prices, it is based on an average sized back yard: **SnoutHouse Program (1) is billed at $10.00 per week** Please call for SnoutHouse Pricing ****Pet Waste Stations- Please call for quotes on Pet Waste Stations How am I billed? We can email your invoice or leave it after we service the yard. Payment is requested on a monthly basis in advance. We accept cash, check, or credit card payments through Paypal.