Lindy Scoops Pet Waste Removal

Iowa City, Iowa
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pooper scooper service


The main service supplied by Lindy Scoops is the removal of pet waste from pet owner’s back yards. This service will be performed on a weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or a one time basis to meet customers’ needs of waste removal. This is a year-round, rain or shine professional pet waste cleaner. The dogs don’t stop in the snow or wind and neither does Lindy Scoops. Dog poop happens a lot! Falling behind on picking up your pets waste is almost always an invitation for a large array of smells, insects, and other animals stopping by your property for a visit. Who wouldn’t love more free time by hiring someone else to do the dirty work? Somebody has to doo it, why not Lindy Scoops! So you do not have to.