What is pooper scooper service?

Pooper scooper service is the colloquial term widely used within the dog poop cleanup industry for any business or person that offers to cleanup or remove dog poop for a fee. Sometimes included as an add-on type service of total yard care, pooper scooper service has now become a popular stand-alone service in its own right.

How much does it cost to hire a pooper scooper?

Hiring a pooper scooper cost will depend on a number of factors including your location, the number of dogs, the frequency of visits requested and whether or not the area to be scooped is already clean or requires an initial cleaning. In many parts of the country Spring cleanups are very popular because dog poop is often covered up with snow until it melts in the Spring. Because of that, Spring is the high point of the year for pooper scoopers.

Typically, for one dog and one visit per week you can expect to pay between $9-15 per visit or $45-75 per month.

Will my pooper scooper haul the poop away?

Depending on local codes and company practices your pooper scooper may or may not remove the poop and haul it away with them. In some areas it’s normal for the pooper scooper to bag the poop and leave it in your trash can. In other areas they will haul it away and dispose of it for you.

How often should dog poop be scooped?

Dog poop should be scooped as soon as possible. Because dogs are meat eaters, their feces contains nutrients that can trigger algae blooms in water sources and pathogens that can cause disease in humans. It is especially important to clean up dog poop within 200 feet of a body of water or where it could pollute ground water.

Should I scoop dog poop in winter?

Yes, absolutely! Accumulation of dog poop will leech nutrients and pathogens into yards and ground water, beside the fact that it will create a real mess in the Spring thaw. Many won’t scoop the dog poop in Winter and this is a great reason you should consider hiring a professional pooper scooper service.