Do not use this company! I paid them from 2020 to May 2022 to come once a week and most of the time they did not come. I was paying $60 a month for them to not show up (no door tag indicating they came by) and then I switched to Kitsap Poo Patrol which was great! We had no problems and we were serviced weekly. We absolutely loved them and they were so friendly and easy to work with. Unfortunately this terrible company purchased them and within 4 weeks we are back to the same old tricks of charging us but not coming by. Only difference is that now they are owning up to not coming by by sending emails since KPPs customer base they acquired is used to receiving text messages when KPP came by to service their yard so they must be getting a lot of messages when they elect to skip servicing their customers with zero communication like the good ol days. When I emailed to check if this would continue to happen like the last time we were serviced by them, I received a long winded email that accused me of lying, telling me that I was fired as a customer, and talking trash about the former business owners. Shameful and trashy business practices and no customer service skills what so ever. Take your money somewhere where you are actually paying for something.

Collecting $$$ without providing a single service you offer. sounds like a great business model doesn’t it?