Scoop da Poo of Boca Raton

Boca Raton, Florida
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pooper scooper service


We at Scoop da Poo are dedicated to providing you with quality, reliable, professional service, and a nice clean yard for your fur kids to play in.
* We are independently owned and operated, fully licensed and insured.

* You deal directly with the owner on a personal level.

* You always get the owner on the phone during regular business hours.

We keep our eye out for any small objects that your dog could be harmed by, such as roofing materials and things due to all the new construction, plus the work being done since the hurricanes. We also watch for any abnormalities in your dogs waste that could indicate a problem, and alert you if we notice something. We’re not veterinarians, but we see enough waste to be able know a problem when we see it. So having us in your yard is having an extra set of eyes on watch for your dogs health and safety too.