Scoopy Poopy Doo®

Proud Partner of The Humane Society. Scooping Poop while Helping Save Lives! Our Mission: Scoopy Poopy Doo® does more than just pick up your fur~baby's poop! Founded by a mom and dad of 9 Fur~babies and 3 baby lions (cats), that are determined to help SAVE as many sheltered animals by donating … Read more about Scoopy Poopy Doo®

See Spot Run

Mary Lynn McPherson is a 16 year dog walking veteran, 14 years with the company she founded, See Spot Run. Mary Lynn enjoys walking dogs pack style. "Dogs are social animals who benefit from the company of a calm, well behaved pack." Mary Lynn's packs range from 4 to 10 dogs in each walk. … Read more about See Spot Run

The Poop Scoop Troop

The Poop Scoop Troop is a professional dog waste cleaning service that will come and clean your yard of dog waste. We are happy to service your property and look forward to providing a safe and healthy environment for your family. (Including the four legged members!) We are a year round service … Read more about The Poop Scoop Troop